Saving Money on Baby Items

A few weeks ago I talked about what I think are The Baby Items You Really Need.

But you still want that perfect nursery and nothing but the best for your little squish, right? Of course you do.

So, you make your list and then have a small heart attack at what all this baby stuff is going to cost you. Heck, my husband even calls baby stores the $1000 store.

There are ways you can save some cash without compromising on the things you want!

I’ve put together a list that might help…

Saving money on baby items

Really, my top tip for you is to buy second hand. If it can be wiped down or washed consider used. Baby stuff seems to go in 3-6 month cycles. They only like a toy or a thing for 3-6 months and then it’s on to the next. The same is true for clothes. There is a lot of stuff with a lot of life left!

I’ve bought (and sold) second hand items that are still new with tags! Seriously, most of us end up with way more than we need.

The caveat to this of course is what I’ve listed above – car seats, helmets, life jackets. Buy them new and in Canada – there are different regulations in different countries and you want to be certain what you are getting meets all requirements and is free from damage or defect.