Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Don’t bother checking your calendar. You haven’t missed anything. In fact, this day will slip by unnoticed for most people – but not for me.

Today is MY mother’s day. This is the day I became a mother.

It’s Ms. G’s birthday.

Four years ago today we welcomed her earth-side. She was stubborn in utero and continues to be in life and I love her all the more for it. She’s incredibly smart, funny, strong-willed, and fiercely independent.

I could certainly gush for hours about the person she is and the person she is becoming but that is not why I’m here today. Her birthday will be rightly celebrated this week (likely with copious amounts of iced cream) but today I want to talk about me.

Shocking, right? Plot twist…

love sweet face portrait

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


It feels almost self indulgent to want to talk about myself (enter: mom guilt). How I dare I, on my daughter’s birthday?

But I think it’s worthwhile to want to take a few minutes to celebrate my accomplishments on this day too. My body GREW a human being. It changed and stretched to nurture and support this tiny human. It nourished it and protected it.

Then, it gave birth to it! Labour was long and exhausting. It didn’t go as I had planned (does it ever?). But it was amazing because I felt supported and respected throughout the entire process. I had informed choices and my decisions and feelings were valued. The people who were there will forever hold a special place in my heart.

But back to why I’m celebrating me…

Because after the baby comes – no one else will. Everyone (including you and your partner) is in love with the baby and it’s rare that someone will pause to give you a high five and say ‘look what you’ve done’!

There were many days when I longed for that. I wanted someone to tell me I was doing a great job. I wanted to be seen! I wanted that pat on the back.

So, I give myself a high five today.

Look what I’ve done. I grew a human. I birthed it. My body made food to feed it. I now continue to keep it alive and help it thrive on a daily basis for the last 4 years. That’s not nothing!

I reflect on that day and marvel at the strength and power within me and on the woman I am becoming in this journey.

And I know not every journey will look like mine. Different ways of birthing and different ways of caring for your babe are still worth talking about. They are no less valid and are every bit as deserving of celebration.

Having a baby has changed the way I view birthday’s now. I try my best to remember mom on their baby’s birthday. I especially try to remember the first time mom on her baby’s first birthday and give them some kudos too. They should be proud of what they accomplished in the last year. Rock on, mom.

They deserve a pat on the back on more than just whatever Sunday in May.

Let’s keep celebrating moms. Let’s build each other up and support each other. I’m here for that.