Postpartum Success – Facebook Live!

Did you catch my Facebook Live with Dr. Cherevaty? We talked about what is Postpartum Doula, why I am doing this work, relationship changes and some tips for postpartum success. You can check it out here  if you missed it.

It was my first live video experience and I’m grateful for the support of Dr. Cherevaty. She does an amazing job building up women in our community and has created a beautiful and positive healing space.

I will be talking about setting you up for postpartum success in the coming months (including some fun events in the Guelph area) but I did want to give everyone a quick takeaway from the video.

With that said – I’ve attached what I think are 3 quick things you can do *today* to help set you up for success in the postpartum period:

  1. Stop reading pregnancy books. Your body knows how to grow a baby. You need to fuel it with nutritious food, move it every day, get enough rest, and drink lots of water. Beyond that – it’s doing the growing on its own and you would probably be better served to spend the time learning about what is going to happen AFTER baby comes. Specifically, learn about typical newborn sleep habits and ways to help soothe your baby.
  2. Find a mom friend. I don’t just mean join a mom’s group. They can be great – and you should join one. What I mean is make real connection with other moms – based on shared interests and values. This was a struggle of mine at first. I needed to have more in common with someone than the fact we both had tiny humans. This definitely involves being vulnerable and sharing yourself but I promise you the rewards are worth it! If you can’t find one – I’ll be your mom friend!
  3. Trust your gut. You are the expert in your baby – not the well-meaning friends, family, and yes, total strangers trying to give you advice. If you think something is wrong – talk to your healthcare provider and keep asking questions. Don’t let other people brush off your concerns or minimize what you’re going through.


I created this handy little infographic to help remind you:

Postpartum Success