Supporting New Parents from Afar


You didn’t expect this.

baby lying on white fur with brown blanket

You didn’t think you’d be introducing your new arrival over a video chat.

You expected to be alone – but not like this.

No one did.


Experts are predicting that rates of postpartum mood disorders will increase – we know it’s coming. The increased isolation and anxiety new mothers are experiencing tell us it’s coming.

The Village is needed now more than ever.

No, your village can’t come hold the baby while you sleep and eat and shower. Like everything else in our lives, the village has moved mostly online or at the very least – 6 feet away.

Here are some of the ways your village can still support you while keeping their distance:

  • pick up and deliver your groceries
  • send meal delivery gift cards
  • start a meal train
  • order and send baby essentials to your door
  • do your yardwork or plant some flowers
  • arrange a virtual baby shower
  • give gift cards for a postpartum doula
  • check in by phone or text


You may not be getting the in person support you were looking forward to but a postpartum doula can still be a critical member of your virtual village. We can still review and discuss your postpartum recovery – how you’re feeling, how you’re healing, and what’s going on. I can look at your nursing position and check baby’s latch and we can troubleshoot any breastfeeding questions. I can show you how to use your new stretchy wrap. You can still send me text messages and I can still send you resources.

Is it the same? No. But is it important – especially now? Absolutely.

Give me a call and let’s set up your virtual village.

Book your call today!

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