Why Food is the Best Gift for a New Baby

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate
Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

I have to admit – I’m food motivated. Were it not for work or kids, food would be the reason I got out of bed in the morning. My rewards to myself are usually food and I have been known to eat my feelings.

Ok, this is not an examination of my possibly unhealthy relationship with food.

What I’m talking about today is why food is the best gift for new parents.

Well, it’s pretty simple, really. You have to eat.

When you’re nursing and recovering from giving birth you have to eat A LOT.

Also, you have to hold and nurse the baby a lot.

Sometimes it is hard to do both of those things at the same time. We know you’re not going to let the baby suffer so, who does?

You do. That’s right – you will sacrifice proper nutrition and actual meals to make sure your little babe is taken care of.

I get it. I’ve done it too.

But I also know the incredible joy of having a friend or family member drop food off for you – no strings attached. It is so glorious and to me it was always the best gift.

I think bringing food does four things:

  1. It provides you with the calories and nutrients your body desperately needs.
  2. It provides a welcome gift for the family that doesn’t involve more baby ‘stuff’.
  3. It reduces the mental load, at least for that meal on that day.
  4. It shows you that someone is thinking of you and wanted to help care for you.


So you want to bring food to a new family? Great! Thank you! Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Think easy – something to just heat and serve (a casserole) or something good at room temperature (muffins)
  2. Fiber, protein, and fat are your friends. Nursing and postpartum parents need lots of each
  3. Easy to eat. Remember- these parents will likely be eating these meals with one hand so if you’re making pasta – use short noodles like penne and maybe skip the soup.
  4. Include some treats! No one wants to eat salad at 3am when they’re up with the babe.
  5. Recyclable foil containers. You don’t want to lose your expensive glass containers and that family doesn’t want to clean them.

Some of my favourite recipes for new parents are things like muffins, chilli, pasta bakes, and even a nice big container of cut up fruit. I often prepare these for my clients too.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – as a new parent it’s just nice to know someone thought of you and wanted to make your life a little bit better!


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